About Kruger Real Estate

As a private investment vehicle of the Kruger family, Kruger Real Estate is focused on acquiring, developing, and maintaining healthy property portfolios through active relationships with first-class investors and developers.

Our role is to create investment opportunities for established real estate investors in various markets, building portfolios of new and existing commercial and residential properties in Canada and the U.S. As part of each investment strategy, Kruger provides co-investment capital, ensuring alignment of interest with its partners and investors.

From our offices in Montreal, Canada, and Washington, D.C., we actively manage 1.6 million square feet of owned real estate, including more than 1,200 high-end residential units. Our team comprises professionals in various disciplines, including investment, financial, asset and facilities management, as well as engineering.

Our goal is to increase our assets under management and to build long-standing relationships, positioning ourselves as a trusted partner and manager for the long term.

Our Strategy

The four pillars of our strategy are:

  1. PARTNERSHIP: We partner directly with first-class developers and become their “preferred” source of equity for long-term holds. This creates deal flow and builds long-standing relationships.
  2. TRUST: We position ourselves as a trusted equity source for who have assets they want to hold and own long term.
  3. LONG-TERM OUTLOOK: We aim to be the first option for who are looking for a reliable, long-term source of equity, relieving them of the burden of raising funds for each project. This also gives us the option of selecting the deals that best fit our overall goals.
  4. FLEXIBILITY: We focus on being more creative and flexible in structuring of our deals than competitors.